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Wedding Officiant and other Clergy Services

My name is Valerie Gust and I am a Free Spirit and an Ordained Minister with the Universial Ministries. I am offering to perform Wedding Ceremonies for Traditional couples, Wiccan couples, Same sex marriages, Theme Ceremonies,  Handfasting ceremonies and Polyamourous relationships. I also do stand in's, in case for some reason your Minister can not be available for your chosen Ceremony.  Everyone's needs are considered and respected by our right to chose our own paths in life. If you have your ideal Wedding or Commitment Ceremony in mind, I am willing to write a custom ceremony to fit your needs. All ceremonies are unique and special and should be treated as such because we are all individuals with different needs and wants. We are not produced as exact duplicates and the things that mark the milestones in our lives should reflect that. This Ceremony starts a New Beginning where lives that were once seperate will come together to create the next journey in their lives.

2009 Fees

Wedding Ceremony $225

Non-refundable Deposit $50 (To hold your date)

Extended Travel Fee Negotiable

Other Services

Chaplain Service

Pre-Wedding Counsultation

Company Chaplain Services

Private Chaplain Services

Chaplain Services are Private talks about the things in life that are getting you down and offering support to help you get through things when you feel like you have no one else that you can confide in. A judgement free sounding board when you don't feel like there isn't anyone listening. To help you work through your hurdles in Life and be there in a  supportive way.


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Themed Weddings

Redneck Yacht Club Wedding!

On Wisconsin River Sandbar  near Lake Wisconsin Just off I-94 Bridge

 Father of  the Groom                        Best Man                                 Groom

Father of the Groom             Groom

                             Best Man